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    • 01/27/2018
    • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • DoubleTree by Hilton, 100 Fairway Dr, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

    Presented By: Steven Reisner, Ph.D

    CE Credits: Three (3) CE Credits 

    Registration: 8:30 am - 9:00 am with Continental Breakfast

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    NOTE: All checks and online payments must be received by 1/20/2018 for “Early Bird Rates.” 





    Dr. Reisner eschews the illness model of mental health treatment in general, but quite especially in the treatment of trauma. His view is that suffering is not an illness, but a response to personal, social, and economic distress and loss. He believes that the current cultural and clinical approaches to traumatic events and traumatic reactions, focusing on the  individual’s symptoms devoid of their sociopolitical contexts, may actually increase the longevity and severity of the distress. In addition, Dr. Reisner will address the value system underlying such approaches to trauma, which is based on narcissistic presumptions and structures. Dr. Reisner will address the current political climate, the polarization and trolling erupting in social media, and the relationship of narcissism and identity politics. He will offer an alternative value system for therapeutic and political approaches to trauma, based on egalitarian and psychoanalytic values. Dr. Reisner will focus on two aspects of trauma treatment that are minimized in our symptom and victimization-focused approaches, which he believes are vital to the restoration of well-being on both an individual and societal level: mourning and justice.  In addition, Dr. Reisner will address the underlying societal, economic and characterological biases that have made trauma and identity politics the dominant socio-political discourse of our time.


    Steven Reisner, PhD is a psychoanalyst and political activist in New York. He is a founding member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, Advisor on Psychology and Ethics for Physicians for Human Rights and past-President of Psychologists for Social Responsibility. He was a leader in the successful movement to prohibit psychologists from their central role in abusive CIA and military interrogation and detention processes. As a result of these efforts, psychologists were removed from detention operations at Guantanamo Bay in January 2016.

    Dr. Reisner has been on the faculty at the Psychoanalytic Institute of the NYU Medical School and the International Trauma Studies Program at New York University. He has been a consultant on issues of trauma, torture, political violence, disaster and   resilience in the face of catastrophic events for the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the International Organization for Migrations and other international humanitarian and mental health organizations, and has consulted in Haiti, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Tanzania, and for the French Ministry of Health. Dr. Reisner has published in the New York Times, Slate, and in various academic journals, and is the co-author of two PHR monographs on health professionals and torture. In his earlier career, Dr. Reisner was an Obie-award winning director and actor, whose projects have been performed at the Public Theater, La Mama E.T.C., and Theater for the New City in New York.


    1. Participants will be able to distinguish the psycho-social differences between a traumatic event and a traumatic reaction and identify the likelihood of the latter following the former.

    2. Participants will be able to distinguish between narcissistic responses to trauma and object related responses, and understand how therapy and culture may collude to reinforce narcissistic responses and what to do about it.

    3. Participants will be able to apply theories of trauma and narcissism to understand current events in a manner that promotes activism and hope.

     CE Credits: Three (3) CE Credits 


    8:30am-9:00am: Registration & Continental Breakfast

    9:00am-9:15am: Welcome & Introduction  (SEFAPP president)

    9:15am-10:15am: Trauma and narcissism: toward a theory of responsible trauma intervention

    10:15am-10:45am: Discussion

    10:45am-11:00am: Break

    11:00am-12:00pm: Narcissism, character and identity: the power of emotional truth over actual truth in American politics.

    12:00pm-12:30pm: Discussion

    12:30pm: Complete Learning Assessment & Adjourn

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    • 02/11/2018
    • 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Delaire Country Club, 4700 Cherry Laurel Lane, Delray Beach, FL 33445 (Home of Barbara Lurie, Ph.D., LMFT)

    Presenter: Marshall Fenster, Ph.D

    Sunday Symposium with Light Brunch served

    The Presentation

    All psychotherapy is based on the belief in the possibility of change. Is there truth in the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" or is it never too late to change? This Sunday Brunch Symposium will explore this question. We will examine issues of aging such as loss of identity and capacity, loneliness, and facing the inevitability of death. We will address countertransference issues and the effects on the therapist of this type of work. In addition, we will look at psychoanalytic attitudes and approaches to working with the elderly. Although Freud wrote that psychoanalysis should not be attempted with people "near or above the age of fifty", today psychoanalytic practitioners recognize that older adults can definitely benefit from psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

    After I present my thoughts, I hope we can have an open discussion and the group can share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. I hope we come to the conclusion that old age is more than a time of loss, decline and stigma and that there is inspiration and wisdom to be gained by working with the elderly.

    The Presenter

    Marshall S. Fenster, Psy.D., is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in private practice in Boca Raton. He served for over ten years on the Advisory Board of FAU's Gerontological Certificate Program and facilitated health related support groups at the Boca Raton Community Hospital. He is currently the President of the Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology.

    Dr. Fenster earned his Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology at Yeshiva University. He trained in New York at Kings County Hospital and Downstate Medical Center and went on to serve as Chief of Psychological Services at the Brooklyn House of Detention and teach at Adelphi University.

    The Objectives

    Participants will be able to:

    1 . List the common psychological issues facing the elderly.

    2. Discuss various countertransference reactions to working with the elderly.

    3. Describe possible benefits for the therapist of working with the elderly.


    From I-95 take the Linton Boulevard exit and head west for two miles.  Turn left at Military Trail and  continue south on Military Trail for approximately one mile until you reach Live Oak Boulevard.  At Live Oak Boulevard,  turn left into Delaire Country Club.  After you pass through the gate, continue straight after a roundabout, and take your first left onto Cherry Laurel Lane.  Dr. Lurie's house is the third one on the left. Click here to view map.

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    • 04/14/2018
    • 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • TBD

    Presenter: Sue Grand, Ph.D

    More Details & Location to be announced

    • 06/01/2018
    • 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Palm Beach Dramaworks, 201 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

    An annual gathering in honor of Freud's birthday and in celebration of SEFAPP, it's founders, Board of Directors, membership, & friends of Psychoanalysis 

    Enjoy a wine, food, and music reception, and a pre-theatre talk followed by a performance of Equus.

    A psychiatrist attempts to treat a young man who has a troubling obsession with horses.

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